There are many factors that involved in Fisheries Industry, especially in Koi and goldfish farm that would effect fish’s health. Beside of food, water quality in their living environment is also extremely important. We need to know how their living environment & conditions are, such as water temperature, and other factors like the content of NO2, NO3, NH4/NH3, O2 and so on.

As the result, we may have actions and solutions to help fish & shrimps to get their best living enviroment.

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With over 40 years of experiences, Sera – a Germany company. Has tried their best to produce many kinds of products that assist a lot in Fisheries Industry and Seafood farming as well. Their product ranges are really large, they content fish food, solutions for water, especially their signature water test kits. These test kits are really usefully for people who are in the industry. Basicaly, there are many factors existing in water. Which are: CO2. O2, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Cl, NO2, NO3, NH4/NH3, pH, kH and so on. They could all effect to the fish & shrimp’s health & growth.

In the beginning, Sera’s main product is live foods. And they were already famous for that. Time by time, they are keep developing and their products ranges become gapless like nowaday. Their products are approriate from people who have hobby to people who are into Fisheries industry.

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Since 2014, Tin Cay Investment Trading Services Corporation (Vietnam) was proud of to become one of Sera’s distributor.

With our experiences in business, we are always try our best to bring best products from Sera to Vietnamese farmers (Fisheries, shrimp and Seafood farming).

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To judge that not only Vietnam need these products, but other countries in the area might need them also, we have pursuaded Sera to let us open up our market area. Our effort has been paid, in 2015, we have finally been happy to announce that we are open up our market to Indo-china area (Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam).

Now, Fisheries, shrimp and seafood farmers in Laos and Cambodia can come to us and look for the best products that might help them with their work. We committed to providing the best Sera water test kits to you.

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Customers in Cambodia, Laos, looking for or wanting to purchase sera test kits, can contact us. Our info is as below:

Tin Cay Investment Trading Services Corporation.

Address: No. 4, Street No.3, Van Phuc Resident, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Tel: +84 8 2253 3535

Fax: +84 8 2253 3377

Or mobile phone +84903908671 (Mr. Cu).


Most of sera test kits (O2, pH, kH, gH, NH4/NH3, NO2, NO3, PO4, Fe, Ca, Mg, etc) or set box (in vali set box) are usually ex-stock in Vietnam, at our warehouse.

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