1. Domestic Delivery – Delivery and receive at Tin Cay Office

_ Tin Cay and Customer check the cargo together

_ Customer clear all the outstanding amount (if any)

_ Tin Cay handover the cargo and all related documents to customer

2. Domestic delivery – Deliver to customer office or specific location follow customer request

_ Depend on certain contract, Tin Cay and Customer will have different ways of delivery.

_ Deliver directly to Customer office or specific location upon request or third party

_ Tin Cay make confirmation of delivery with Customer

_ Customer clear all the outstanding amount (if any)

_ Tin Cay deliver the cargo to customer including related documents

3. International Delivery

_ After delivery confirmation, Customer need to make payment regarding to contract (if any)

_ We will deliver the cargo to Customer by using Logistic and Transportaion company accdording to the address provided by customer.



  1. Installation process will be base on agreement between Tin Cay and Customer. All the agreement aim to make both parties feel comfortable while working.
  2. Depend on certain request, product, project, construction… we have different ways of installation. Please contact with us so we can give more details to you.

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