In all fields, no one can do everything alone, especially in business, “cooperation” always is the most important. Cooperation is creating power in business and fortify commercial relationship as well. Therefore, Tin Cay Investment Trading and Services Corporation is always willing to cooperate with customer. Even though, you are a small or big, famous company, we still care and do our best to meet your requirements. We always would like to cooperate with organizations, companies, individual in provision of scientific and technical equipment, supplies and laboratory equipment testing, fire protection, oil and gas, marine, domestic equipment industry, seafood industry, microbiological etc … Please dont hesitate, make contact to us immediately to hav best price and good policies.

Please contact with us at:

Tin Cay Investment Trading and Services Corporation

Address: 74/2/1D, Street 36, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Tel: 028 2253 3535 – Fax: 028 2253 3377

Hotline: 0903 908 671


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